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  1. Do you work with nervous dogs?

Yes, it is important that they receive the same care and pampering as any other dog. I will discuss with you what their triggers might be and work with you to help create a calming atmosphere for you dog.

​2. Do you groom other animals?

Yes, but I do specialise in dogs. However, I do have some regular customers who bring their cats! Please give me a call if you would like to book in another pet.

3. Can I come into the salon?

Unfortunately, I do ask that you remain outside for your appointment due to welfare of other animals. Being around their owners can also increase your dog's anxiety and my salon has no available seating. I am located around 10 minutes from Bexleyheath town centre, so please feel free to grab some shopping while you wait for my collection message!

4. Do you offer medical treatment?

No, I am not a licensed professional with veterinary qualifications. I aim to let you know of any issues I find and recommend services and practitioners in the local area.

However, I am qualified in Pet First Aid, therefore in an emergency, I would be able to help your pet if any unfortunate incidents were to occur.

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